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Before Selling


Value of the Property

Value of the property: Now that you have decided to sell your house, finding the value of your house is the next natural step. Here are few key things to keep in mind:...
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Reasons for Selling Home

There are three main reason for selling home. 1. Moving (changing job moving out of city or moving within the same city) 2. Monetry profit (investment), 3.Unexpected events....
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Tax Implication

Tax implication: You pay capital gains tax on sale which is determined by holding time of the property:...
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Follow the Market Trend

Market trends make the difference between whether you will celebrate your sell in the long run or regret your decision for selling too soon. ...
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Setting Home Price

Setting the right price is the most important aspect of selling a house successfully. Note that a high price will drive the buyer away and a very low price will result in a financial loss for you. ...
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Buying Guide
Shortlist properties

Shortlist properties: Now that you are ready to go, here are some key facts to keep in mind:

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Buying Guide
Home buyers tips on mortgage

As a homebuyer you are bombarded with a Niagara of information. Here we distill it for you so that it makes sense.

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Selling Guide
Tips for builders for new real estate projects

Key prerequisites: Make sure that you have all the legal documents ready and all the govt. regulations fulfilled before the project starts. Otherwise the project can be mired in long legal

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NRI Guide
Property Documentation

Property documentation: Here is the required property documentation for NRI to get home loan

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Selling Guide
Selling Incentives

Selling incentives to real estate agents and prospective buyers sometimes can be a deal maker or a deal breaker

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