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Selling Incentives

By ResidenceBuy India  |  0 comments   |  1372 views  |   Feb 01 2012


Incentive to agents: Hire an aggressive listing agent and provide above market rate post-sale bonus so that your property gets the highest priority.While you may pay a high fee to the agent but you may be more than compensated by a great offer from prospective buyer.


Incentive to buyers: Providing incentive to buyers is an important tool in the negotiation process. Following are some incentive to consider: 

  • Pay for inspection and mandatory upgrades: Many lenders require pre-inspection for the property prior to sanctioning loans and often recommend mandatory upgrades.A promise to pay for it up to a point is a nice gesture to the buyer that you are ready to accommodate the borrower.


  • Upgrades:Win the trust and goodwill of the buyer by providing free upgrades (kitchen, bathroom and floors).


  • Free appliances: Sometimes additional incentive in the form of a fridge, TV, and other appliances may be the thin line between a deal and no deal. Keep this card up your sleeve till the end for a favorable outcome.


  • Upfront utility payment: Mortgage is a big commitment for a first time homebuyer. At least taking care of the electricity and water bills for 3-4 months is a nice way to provide additional incentive to the buyer to close the deal.

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