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Enhance the home Value

By ResidenceBuy India  |  0 comments   |  1835 views  |   Dec 21 2011

Given that you have decided to sell, and have a good pricing strategy based on extensive research and market trend, it is time to make your property attractive.
  • Find an Agent:  Agents play a significant role in the property market by facilitating communication between buyers and sellers. Thus availing the services of one saves you the hassle of finding the buyers by yourself. With additional monetary incentive to the agent, you may end up with a better deal for the property. Reach out to registered agents at residencebuy.com to enjoy maximum exposure to your property. 
  • Give your property a new look: Consider repainting your house before selling. However, if it is too expensive then consider a thorough wash of exterior and interior (especially kitchen, store rooms, screens, windows, and gutters) of the house. This will give a new look to your house and make it more appealing.
  • Clean and Clean: If your house is relatively old then a thorough cleaning is a must. If it is a carpeted floor then consider changing it, if it is a wooden floor then add new polish to it. The key goal is to make your house look new and shiny in all aspect. If possible hire professional cleaners for a radical facelift. Trust us, it is totally worth it.
  • Remove clutter: Increase aesthetic appeal of your house by removing all but most necessary items (perhaps to a storage unit). An empty house with few items looks bigger and more beautiful to a prospective buyer.
  • Fix small things: Fix small things in your house (say a broken door knob or distended lighting fixture). If you don't then even though your house is great these small things will give an unjust impression of neglect to the buyer. So we advise you to avoid this situation.

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