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Follow the Market Trend

By ResidenceBuy India  |  0 comments   |  1810 views  |   Jan 04 2012

Market trends make the difference between whether you will celebrate your sell in the long run or regret your decision for selling too soon.

Some key factor to consider:  

  • Rising property market: If there is an upward price trend in your neighborhood and there are reasons for further growth then it may be useful to postpone your sell.  
  • Rising rental rates:If rents are rising in your neighborhood then it is a good indicator that property market is robust, and it may be useful to consider the option of renting you property. You will not only receive monthly income but also make higher profit when you sell eventually.  
  • Overheated market: Beware of overheated property market. If there is speculative buying in your neighborhood (with rapid price rise without any apparent economic justification for it) then it may be a good idea to cash in and leave the market place before the market cools off.  
  • Market downturn: If the market is in the early phase of slide down then it is imperative that you put in extra effort to sell your property as soon as possible. The buyers in this market will like to wait for the market to slide down further. Make your property attractive to the buyers and advertise it aggressively to get appropriate value for your property.

    See our selling strategy to learn more.

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